How to tag business on facebook

By | October 25, 2017

Business respond to social media interactions faster than their official support emails. Nobody wants an unresolved complaint on facebook to ruin their brand.

I’m sure you know that already. But how do you get these big business to see your comments / complaints? There is one easy solution. You tag them.

Yeah, tagging a facebook business will put you on their notifications and they’re likely to respond faster.

tag business facebook

To tag a business on Facebook:

On the status or remark box below the post page, type the @ sign and the very first couple of letters of your organization page name. Y

ou ought to see a list of company pages you have “liked.” As soon as you see your company name below the status/comments text box (see image above), select your service name and start typing your message. Then send your remark and notice after that your organization name ends up being a clickable link.

There is another function on facebook known as hover mode, this function works in a way that when somebody hovers over you connect, a little information window display showing information about your organization page. If they choose, they can “like” your page without visiting it. This is excellent when you participate in quiet tagging for your company.

I would believe that you have been able to learn how to tag your business, so without my help you can do that at ease whenever you desire. Tagging is a powerful tool on facebook, so I would suggest you utitilize it perfectly.

Thanks for reading my post today and I hope that yo uwould share this post with family and friends. If eventually you read through and don’t understand anything, kindly comment and let me know where the problem might be immediately.

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