How to Practice going Live on facebook

By | October 25, 2017

How to Practice going Live on facebook: If you do it and do it right, Facebook Live is going to change your business. Forever…

Before you watch the video below, I want to do a little teaching first… so bear with me.

If you play the guitar, how long did it take you to learn? Did you have to actually have to PLAY the guitar to learn?
(umm…. yes)

So when it comes to being on video and Facebook Lives you have to actually DO IT to get better at it. You have to start somewhere.

For some of you video (especially Facebook Live) is going to take your business to the next level but you’re holding back because you know the first one is going to suck.

My first guitar chord SUCKED. But guess what? I got better.

If you’re right at the start, record yourself NOT live a ton of times. Just videos on your smart phone. Keep watching it back and recording more. Delete the ones you don’t like. Start posting the ones you do like.

Then start doing Facebook Lives. Use this tip to go live just to yourself. Then go live in a small Facebook group – rather than the entire world.

Don’t expect to be amazing overnight but start learning now. It will be a HUGE asset to you and your business.

Eventually you will be playing like Jimi Hendrix!


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