How to post gif on facebook

By | October 25, 2017

posting gif on facebook is not as straight-forward as most folks would like it to be.- The majority of Facebook individuals will have found a moment in their social media lives when a comment or an emoji just does not communicate what you want to state. It’s minutes like these where the best reaction is a computer animated GIF.

post gif on facebook

Make GIF images work on Facebook

To make them work, simply paste the URL of an animated GIF into Facebook’s “update status” field. You can then add text as usual. (Gorburger not included.)

Uploading an animated GIF from your computer using the “add photos/video” function does not work at this time.

A representative for Facebook did not say why animations have been enabled after so much time without them, but did confirm to The Huffington Post that the new feature is indeed “rolling out” to users. Hold tight if it’s not working for you yet.

At least one workaround to get animated GIFs on Facebook has cropped up before, though this is the most straightforward functionality yet.

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