How to Create A Facebook Group

By | February 25, 2018

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1. Find “Add Group”
From your “home page” on Facebook go to the Groups section on the left side menu & find “Add Group”.

The number of things you have in your Favorites will determine how far down you have to scroll to see this.

2. Click “Create New Group”
You’ll be taken to a page that displays the option to create a group as well as showing you some suggested groups to join.

To begin the process of creating a group click “Create New Group”.

>> Facebook also offers an alternate way to create a new group
Right of the “Create New Group” button you’ll notice options to choose “Group Ideas”:

3. Name Your Group

The first thing you need to do is give your group a name

4. Add Members
You’re actually required to add at least 1 friend to the group before you can create it.

5. Choose Privacy Setting
You’ll now need to decide what privacy setting you want your group to have.

6. Click Create
After you choose your privacy setting, click the “Create” button as you’ve seen in previous images:

7. Choose an Icon
Facebook will now give you the option to choose from a wide array of creative graphics for your icon/avatar.

This is completely up to you and bears no significance as far as Facebook is concerned.

But if you’ve created many groups or have multiple groups in your favorites, you’ll want to choose an icon you can easily identify.

Your group is now officially created!

There are, however, a few more items you can customize.

8. Complete “About” Section
Your about section is important for 2 reasons:

Gives prospective members an idea what your group is about
Can display any “rules” you may have about the group
So fill it out as you see fit — seeing as this is YOUR group.

9. Choose Group Image Setting
You’re given the 3 options here:

use images from group members (will show a maximum of the last 8 active members)
use a photo already in the group
upload a photo

*Keep in mind the dimensions for this cover photo are different from those on your personal Timeline or business Timeline — they are 801 x 250 pixels.

10. Edit Group Settings
Next you’ll want to edit the group settings.

You do this by clicking on the gear icon & then clicking “Edit Group Settings”:

Once on the edit page, you’ll have many options to change:

You’re Group is Ready to Go!
You’ve now successfully created a Facebook Group! Congrats!

Now you can post updates inside the groups — and so can members (if you’ve allowed it).

Messages/Chat- One of the great things about groups is you can initiate a group chat/message with either all members of a group or select members.


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