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By | October 25, 2017

The new facebook grid tool works will save you time and give you good return for your facebook ad budget. Stories have been told of folks who just slapped an image in facebook and boosted it. Lost alot of money. Cuz the few ad clicks were charged at 0.5 dollar per click. it’s even a high value niche.

The above is a typical example of what Facebook grid tool can help you avoid in 2017. Using facebook grid tool will streamline your ad and make sure a good amount of targeted audience sees and interacts with your ads at a fair cost per action

What does the Facebook Grid tool do?

It ensures your ad image does not have too much text that might affect the performance of your ads.

The facebook grid will play a huge role in determining whether that facebook ads gets approved or not. It also influences how much you pay for facebook ads Campaign cpc.

facebook grid tool

What this means is that, you could save a lot of money by just using the appropriate amount of text in your facebook ad image. Here is where the Facebook grid tool

Comes in. The grid tool calculate how much text is okay for an image ad.

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How to Use the Facebook grid tool

Step 1: Click here to visit the  official grid tool page.

Step 2: Upload your ad image.

Step 3: View the result and tweak image text accordingly.

Facebook Grid tool Result.

A result like the screenshot above shows the image is okay for use as an advert.

If you get a not okay response. Try reducing the amount of texts in the image.

Or change the whole image at once.

How much text is allowed?

The the 20% text rule comes into play now.

This means that, only 20% of image canvas should be covered with text.

If your Ad has text less than 20% of ad image, it will get approved 100%.

And the cost per click (in some cases) will be considerably lower.

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