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By | October 25, 2017

Facebook Data Center In Los Lunas New Mexico: The social media company called Facebook continues to rapidly expand and grow. Most famously known for introducing the world to the website and app called Facebook, where users can set up a profile, like and comment on each other’s posts, Facebook is coming to the city of Los Lunas, New Mexico.

facebook data center

Facebook has announced for a creation of a Data Center in New Mexico. Facebook Data Center allows for the operation of Facebook to be conducted and for the local community to become employed. Facebook Data Centers are spread throughout the U.S.

Los Lunas, New Mexico is very excited for the opportunity to become a Facebook Data Center. Los Lunas is located within the Valencia County. Valencia County is in the central region of the State of New Mexico. The Facebook Data Center will be near Route 6 of Los Lunas and by the Interstate 25 highway.

Data Center

Facebook is currently working on a budget of $250 million to create an entirely new data center in Los Lunas. Facebook Data Centers allow for different kinds of diverse employment opportunities, both part time and full time jobs, and paid positions. Long term jobs will be announced. The opportunities for employment will help positively grow the local Los Lunas and New Mexico economies.

The upcoming Facebook Data Center in Los Lunas, New Mexico will have 980,000 square footage. This massive Facebook Data Center will definitely be a large place of employment and great opportunities.

The New Mexico economy will receive funds of millions via the creation of the large scale Facebook Data Center. This Data Center and its future operations will positively add growth to the New Mexico economy.

The Facebook Company will bring the cutting-edge and amazing solar powered facilities to the Los Lunas area-based Data Center buildings.

Opportunities At Facebook Data Center

Los Lunas, New Mexico has seen over 600 construction workers at the construction site for the Facebook Data Center. More additional construction workers are said to become hired within the coming months, since Facebook and its Public Relations Partner announced that the Data Center design plans are expanding to include larger buildings and areas.

There are great opportunities for potential employees such as IT positions, design, and operations of the Facebook facility, and security for the Data Center. Next, positions for logistics staff, technical positions, and culinary operations will be needed at the Facebook Data Center. There is said to be already over 30 jobs at the future Facebook Data Center that will open up. More positions will be continually announced in the upcoming months.

Be sure to continue watching the news, reading newspapers, and see when the availability of jobs and positions open up at the Facebook Data Center in Los Lunas. There will be great opportunities of employment and opportunities to become involved with the creation of the upcoming Data Center in Los Lunas, New Mexico.

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