How Can I Sync My Facebook Contacts with iPhone?

By | November 2, 2017

How Can I Sync My Facebook Contacts with iPhone? – Did you just get yourself a new apple iPhone and it’s time to dump your old phone but you don’t want to lose all those amazing features you enjoyed on your former phone like sync Facebook contacts with your phone among others, this article puts you through how you can effectively sync Facebook contacts on apple iPhone. 

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To upload your contacts from your iPhone or Android mobile device:

  • First, you need to click on the three horizontal lines located on the top of your application window.
  • Click Friends> Contacts> Get Started

Once you’ve switched on the mobile contact uploading, your contacts will automatically sync to your Facebook account when you access your app.

To sync your contacts from other accounts such as any other email:

  • In that case, you first need to visit the friend requests page.
  • Under Add Personal Contacts, select the type of account you’d like to sync contact list from.
  • Type the required information, and then press Find Friends button.

There are many amazing features offered by Facebook to its users. You can even orchestrate your important dates and events by synchronizing the Facebook calendar. You just need to press on Sync Calendar button to perform this operation. By performing these steps mentioned above you can easily sync your contact list of your Android or iOS device with your Facebook account. You can also visit Facebook helpdesk page for their assistance.

Android Facebook App

When you first install a Facebook app you may be prompted to sync all your FB contacts with those on your phone. If you skipped that step but you now want to sync your Facebook contacts with your Android it is quite easy to do.

Of course you can uninstall the FB app and reinstall it to get the sync option again. In any case you will need to have a Facebook app installed on your Android to sync your contacts.

For some devices (like Nexus) sync-algorithm is quite easy:
On your phone, go to “settings” and scroll down to “accounts”, tap on “Facebook” and then tick the “Contacts” box (which should have “Sync is OFF” displayed), then it will start syncing.

  • Menu >Settings> Account & Sync
  • Click on Facebook. If you don’t see Facebook in the list of accounts it is likely that you haven’t yet added your Facebook account to your Android Accounts – tap on the option at the bottom of the screen and do so now.
  • Select the “Sync contacts” option
  • Click “Sync Now”

You should notice that there are options to sync your Facebook feed, calendar and schedule if you like. Once you complete the sync you will now be able to see all your Facebook friends in your list of contacts.

If you still have problems, try special sync software: HaxSync or UberSync

Sync Facebook Contacts on iPhone 

To Sync Facebook contact on iPhone, you can choose from two alternatives, one is make use of the settings on your iPhone, the other with various ways is to rely on some third-party applications for help. In this short article, I’m going to show you how to Sync Facebook Contacts with IPhone using these two methods.

Option 1: Sync Facebook Contacts with iPhone Directly From your IPhone

This is the easiest option, all you need to do is sign in to your Facebook account on your iPhone, and you can conveniently sync Facebook contacts with your apple iPhone. Follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1. Locate the Settings icon  on your iPhone, touch it and when the settings options comes up, Scroll and locate Facebook then touch it.

Step 2. Enter your Facebook e-mail and password. And, click Check in.

Step 3. Activate sync contacts and Calendars.

Step 4. Tap Update All contacts to sync iPhone contacts with Facebook.

Option 2. Use third-Party Applications to Sync Facebook Contacts on iPhone

This option guides us through how we can sync Facebook Contacts on iPhone using third-party applications. Listed below are the three applications we recommend for you to choose from:


  • Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ Contacts

This is a user friendly iPhone app. It assists to sync contacts with most recent photos and information from Facebook to apple iPhone quickly. Besides Facebook, This application is cool because it also functions well with LinkedIn and also Google +.

  • ContactsXL + Facebook Sync

ContactsXL  is a supervisor app that helps track your contacts. It allows you to sync iPhone with Facebook contacts with easily. Another amazing feature of this application is it does not only sync phone numbers, additionally it synchronizes Facebook profile picture. Just what’s even more, you can backup contacts with and restore them at any time right from your iPhone.

  • FaceSync

This application is primarily used to sync Facebook contacts with apple iPhone. Although It does not sync contact number, it additionally sync contacts pictures, birthday celebration, business, work title at the same time which gives you up-to-date notification on friend’s info and when there birthday will come up. If you’re a dedicated Facebook user that spends most times online with friends this app is the best option for you.

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